Auto delete my data

I have bought a 4tb purple surveillance internal hdd about 2 month before, recently I seen my data was deleted automatic, which is i did’t do that. can it possible to auto delete the data? Data was about 800 gb. please suggest if any in here thank in advance.

Are you using the hard drive in a Surveillance System ?

If so, i would suggest checking the Settings for when it auto deletes recordings.

The Surveillance System i own, has a setting for the maximum capacity before recordings auto delete themselves.

hi, JoeySmyth, thanks for your reply, I am using a Hard Drive in desktop pc. thanks again
I checked Hard disk today, Yesterday I added some files, today some file are missing, I don’t understand what is happening.

Run a Virus Scan

Data should not be auto deleting itself.

I’ve never ever encountered this problem with internal hard drives (or external hard drives) used or connected to a Desktop PC.

Something very strange going on with yours.

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