Auto backup photos

Process was working fine for a while then just stopped at a quantity of 235 yet I have over 600 photos on my iPhone. Any ideas as to why the balance wont upload to MyCloud?

Hi Kurt1,

Data transfer (Auto Backups) will pause if the screen is locked or the app goes into the background. It is required to monitor the backup progress in My Cloud mobile app. If issue still persists, try to use after updating app to its latest version.

Thanks Brandon, I’ve tried all that and more. Deleted and reinstalled app on iPhone, rebooted my loud device, reassigned folder to download to, nothing seems to get me over the hump of around 200 photos.
Still looking for ideas to try!

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Kurt Kuechler
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What format are the photos? Are they taken since Apple dropped JPEG in favour of HEIC?

Not sure what they are on the iPhone, however they rang in date from now back to 2009. The ones that have transferred to my loud all come in as jpegs