Auto Backup always “in progress”

Hi everyone,
This is a new issue for me, its only been happening for around a month or so.
It seems I am having a similar issue to the “auto backup not working” thread, but I have read many posts, and the sticky, and FAQ’s, but unfortunately non of the solutions work for me.
I only ever need to autobackup from my phone (iphone 6 running ios11)
But it is important that I do so.
Autobackup from the phone points to a particular folder on the mycloud, from where I then folder the pics more accurately for reference.
Nothing seems to get the backup working again, when recent activity is viewed it is permanently in an “in progress” status.
I have taken every step anyone has mentioned, has anyone either had the same issue, or even better a solution.
Right now I am manually uploading from the phone over wifi when I get home, but its beginning to be a pain.

HI Andy_Starns

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support