Authentication pain


I see posts relating to this but I can not comment on them, so here goes.

Every now and again I get the authentication error asking for user name and pass word. I enter it and it says access denied see admin or something like that.

The only 2 ways I get acces after that are these;

1: I go to WDMYCLOUD and then click users. Click on a profile, click password off let it update then turn it back on and let it update again. Then I can access my shares.

2: Go to MYCLOUD click shares. highlight the user having trouble in user acces and change a share to read only, let it update and then back to full acces and let update again.

Both these seem to fix the auterisation issue for a short time.

Apart from these actions I have no other way to get to my shares sometimes. I thenk WD knows they have an issue but can not find a solution so ignoring tickets about it.

Hope this helps at least a bit.

I don’t think this will be the issue but be sure you always connect to a private share 1st. If you connect to public 1st then you become the public user and can’t access any private shares. this includes smartware share that could be behind the sceans