Audio Stoppping / Skipping with EX2 Ultra

After swapping out routers, changing cables, trying 3 different media players, fiddling with options, vendor inquiries, ARP tests, packet tests, Ping Tests, Tracert tests, firmware updates, enabling everything hard wired and enabling/disabling Power settings, I can confirm the issue was due to the fault of the Western Digital NAS drive. A “Restore to Default - System Only” has resolved a 3 week long issue with audio files stopping / pausing. In addition, at the same moment, the user interface with the EXII Ultra would freeze up. Once the audio starting playing the UI would be fine again. There were no windows updates pending on either PC, anti virus was told to ignore the shared folders and the absolute latest firmware was installed as confirmed by WD support. I probably have close to 24 man hours or more into this tech issue and its finally gone. (Be sure to backup your configuration prior to the reset).

The audio software used was: Foobar 2000, Windows Media Player and VLC on two different computers a Win 7 and Win 10, both hard wired.

I sure hope this helps anyone who has this issue with a Western Digital NAS Drive and noticing skipping or pausing with their audio files. I have reported this anomaly to WD support.


I went thru much of what did, including swapping out things like WDTVs last year, No improvement, Then one day it all worked fine. I concluded it all was fixed due to the NAS firmware I had just updated when new version was announced.

I will add it was video files I was having the issue with. Did not notice problem with audio files, but they could have been affected, too. Anyway, all is well with both now