Audio settings for the Hub?

Hi! I just got TV Live Hub… my connection is HDMI from the hub to TV (LE7500) then optical cable from TV to home theater (HT805PM). I would have wanted to direct HDMI to HT but HT8-5PM only has HDMI out. Anyway, am getting great video, but I can only use Stereo on settings, because when I choos to use any of the digital pass through options, sound doesn’t come out with DTS enabled movies (all other formats seems to be working ok with digital pass through).

I am not exactly a techie guy… so, I may be asking basic questions – what does Digitial Pass Through mean? what’s the difference between Digital Pass Through (DPT), DPT Optical, DPT HDMI?

WIth my current settings, am not able to use the 5.1 capability, only stereo… any other settings that I should try so I can make use of the 5.1 audio given my setup? Thanks and appreciation in advance.

It’s not going to work unless your *TV* supports Digital Passthrough.   (Very few of them do.)

Your options aren’t quite correct there:

You have these three options:

   STEREO:    (Digital audio is re-mixed to an LPCM 2.0 audio stream and sent out the optical and HDMI output.)

   Digital Passthrough:   The digital audio stream is unchanged, and is passed through directly to the HDMI and OPTICAL ports.

   Digital Passthrough WITHOUT HDMI:   The digital audio stream is unchanged, and is sent ONLY to the OPTICAL port.


Do you have an extra optical input? If so, you could just connect your wdtv live directly to your amp.

I have suffered with the same problem. Most of the time, the kids are watching their programs using the TV only. they do not need the sound of Dora the Explorer or Thomas and Friends to come through in THX glory. If I am watching a film in the evenings, I like the better sound quality so use the receiver.

Unless I am mistaken, the only way to do this is as follows:

Stereo Sound through TV - HDMI connection to TV & use the stereo output settings on the WD Live Hub

5.1 sound though receiver - Optical connection to receiver and change the sound output to Digital passthrough.

In an ideal world, the hub would send stereo through the HDMI cable and digital through the optical all the time.

Changing the settings prior to watching something is an irritator. I live in hope that a firmware update will solve the issue for me.

Hey guys… thanks a lot for the responses.  Much appreciated really.

Anyway, I’ll take this opportunity  to consult anyway if i’ve done all my connections correctly not limited to the TV Live Hub connection:

1, Cable Box (no HDMI output) connected to TV via  standard RCA (only connection available)

  1. PS3 connected to TV via HDMI

  2. Home Theater (only HDMI out available) connected to TV via HDMI

  3. WD TV Live Hub connected to TV via HDMI

  4. TV connected to Home Theater via Optical Cable (only 1 optical jack available in home theater) - this allows me to play cable broadcast, PS3, WD TV Live Hub audio to be played whether home theater is on or off.

TV is LG LE7500, Home Theater is straight from the box HT805PM