Audio problems

I have read some complaints about the bugs with the wd tv hd (gen 2) and it’s so disappointed to see that wd doesn’t do anything about… I have the gen 2 player and there is a problem of sync with Avi and mp3 audio, Mp4 and AAC audio also the aac audio has some audio gaps every some…and as I said, I am not the only one with these problems and WD doesn’t really care…the last update was 8 months ago, and I think it happens with the live player too

Is there a question in there? 

I see you’re ranting about the WDTV HD Gen 2 in THAT forum, why are you bringing it here?

Hey, Tony – he thinks it happens with the Live as well.  No wonder he’s posting here.

(Perhaps he has some winning lotto numbers he could share with the rest of us).