Audio Pass through / mix down problem persists despite updates

Despite many firmware updates, there is STILL a problem with the Audio Passthrough / mix-down options with the Media Hub.

I use the Toslink digital out for my Theater and the analog outs (L,R) for my zone 2 system (back patio / pool).  For some unknown reason, the behavior of the analog audio outs changes depending on which digital audio mode is chosen in the setup menu.  The analog (2 channel) audio outputs of ALL consumer electronics should ALWAYS provide either a straight stereo signal (for 2 channel source material) or a 2 channel Mix-down (for 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 sources)

For some reason the media hub  has this “feature” where the analog outs provide the Left and Right channels of a 5.1 mix when the toslink digital passthough mode is selected.  As in, no dialog - EVER. Just sound effects and music play through the analog outs.  Oddly enough, if I select the HDMI digital passthough option,  I STILL get digital passthough via toslink and the analog outs provide the proper Mix-down audio. HOWEVER, standard stereo audio (Music) does not play back through toslink or the analog outs with these settings.

Is there any way Western Digital can address this? I know you’re not going to get a ton of complaints because most people don’t use the Analog outs for anything. But, you put them on the unit so I’m hoping you have an interest in making them work correctly.


Signed - the guy with a wife who likes to watch movies in the hot tub.

You’re not the only one who has a use for those analog outputs.

I have the HDMI output to my TV and the analog audio connected to my whole house audio distribution system. When listening to Pandora, if the audio output is set to Stereo, the audio is output to both HDMI and analog at the same time. Change the audio settings to Digital Pass Through (which I want by default when watching videos) and the analog channel mutes at the start of the next song. Pretty annoying to have to reset the audio output depending on what I’m listening to or watching.