Audio Out Of Sync Playing .MP4 Extentions

I’ve had my WD TV HD Media Player for almost a year and a half now, I love the UI of this machine and the fact that it plays almost every video and audio format you can throw at it.

I’ve watched .AVI extentions through my WD TV HD and it played perfectly, I’ve recently started watching .MP4 extentions and noticed that some of the .MP4 files the audio was out of sync, and some had no sound while playing through my WD TV HD, it plays perfectly and in sync through VLC player on my computer…is it a firmware problem?

I’ve noticed that no firmware update has been made for the WD TV HD since 12/2009, my current firmware for my WD TV HD is 1.01.77

WD TV HD Firmware

I’m considering buying the WD TV Live Plus HD, it seems that firmware updates are still being made for this model…will this fix my problem?

WD TV Live Plus HD



Nope, Problem exists throughout their product line.WD Support is the worst.If you upgrade go with another brand!

I have WD TV Live and most of my movies are .MP4, specially the animes, they play perfectly,  no issue with the audio whatsoever.

I’ve decided to spend a little more then what I intended and went for the Netgear Neo TV550…recieving it in a couple of days

Netgear Neo TV550

I’m having the same problem…

My avi files play perfectly but mp4/mkv files fail miserably

I tried both with a network share and a mediaserver -> no change

I would buy the netgear if i would be sure it plays em correct however I’d rather have my wdtv live fixed…

anything happening on this issue?

Hi - I am really happy with my WD Live TV and infact hve two, and bought 2 more for friends and family. I haven’t had any major issues, until now. The MP4 video plays on my latest vid, but no audio. The audio works fine on WMP?

Please help!

I have exactly the same problem but I notice that it is entirely related to the video fole size:

A 10min file (2.2Gb) would play normally with good sync

A 60 min  file will ply with a 1 to 2 sec out-f sync  late audio.

I changed the source HD. No difference: the problem comes from the player.

I don’t know how to progress.