Audio lags behind the video


I just bought a WDTV Live HD box last week.   I have connected it to a old tube TV via composite cables.

I notice that about half way or 45 mins into a movie, the audio starts lagging behind the video.   There is no lag when I play the same files through my PC.  I’m playing the movie from a USB drive connected to the WDTV box.

The firmware that the box came with is 1.01.00.

Has anyone come across this issue before or is my box defective?



HHeheheh…   You’re running ANCIENT firmware.   I recommend you upgrade.

Several generations of firmware corrected some Audio Sync issues, particularly with MP4 and M4V files.

What type of files are you using?

In addition, sometimes the audio sync can be “fixed” by fast forwarding or rewinding a little bit and then resuming play.

Thanks Tony.  I’ll upgrade the firmware and see if it fixes the issue.  BTW do you know what’s the latest version of firmware that is the most stable?

If you’re running 1.01.00 you still risk the “Bricking” during a firmware upgrade over the internet.

For that reason, I’d recommend you do the USB method and go to to the latest production version.  

Hi Chris,

There’s a new prerelease firmware out that adds some additional functionality (MediaFly streaming & DVD Menus).

You can get it here:

As Tony says, update via USB.   The original firmware in your unit has a flawed update manager that was only resolved in the 1.01.17 release.  Newer releases also incorporate this fix.

I was pretty happy with the official 1.02.21 firmware but love having DVD menus and watching TED Talks on MediaFly that the 1.03.22 prerelease enables.  :)

Thanks PixelPower.  I’ll certainly try it out.