Audio issue Sony Bravia kdl50w700b

Hi everyone
We’ve been using the WD Live really successfully with our old LG, but cannot get any sound on the new Bravia kdl50w700b.
The WD is connected directly to TV via HDMI, tried both MP3 and AAC files also YouTube, picture is great during WD playback but no sound.
Have power reset TV and WD, tried a diff HDMI cable, adjusted sound options in WD and TV but now at a loss.
Would really appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

Have you tried other HDMI Inputs ?   1, 2 or 4  (i wouldnt use HDMI (DVI) 3)

AFAIK… DVI does not Support Audio (must use another separate Input for Audio)

Also make sure your WDTV is Set to Stereo

Setup > Audio/Video Output > Audio Output > Stereo