Audio File Interface with > 1000 Albums

Is there any sort of additional alphabetic organization interface that can be used for large numbers of albums?  I don’t look forward to press the next key literally 100s of times to find a specific album - i.e. If a higher level organization of A…Z could be display before showing individual albums within a specific starting letter, that would be great!

I don’t know what other people will do, but I’ve always found it better to have my music library organized by artist, and then have their albums in different subfolders inside. I can see how it can get downright unmanageable if you dump all the albums in the same folder.

However it would be nice if you could have different types of view in the network shares, just like the different options you get when you share your media with twonky etc…

I’ve never seen a “media player” that can handle a real music collection.  I personally would suggest a system targeted at music specifically (i.e., squeezebox or sonos).  They do a good job of making large music collections manageable.  No DLNA client I’ve ever seen does.

I should mention that in addition to the 4 (now 5 with the WD TV LIVE) DLNA clients in my HT rack capable of playing music, I also have a squeezebox specifically for music because the others are worthless in my opinion (PS3, Denon reciever, Popcorn Hour, and Pioneer TV).  You would agree once you use one of two audio focused products I suggested.

I tend to agree… at least media server software can expose your media in more ways than what the WDTV Live is capable of by just browsing your network shares. However even with my media server, I end up just browsing my folder hierarchy, since the artist / album / song hierarchy is definitely the fastest. Also, playlists are very helpful there.