Audio Dolby digital via HDMI and Optical don’t work together

I have a WD TV Live HUB with the last firmware 2.03.24, the output connection are:

-         via HDMI to a plasma TV LG50PG3000

-         via optical audio to an AV receiver Marantz

After the upgrade to the last firmware I have this problem, If the audio setup is “stereo” and I play a Dolby digital video, the sound on TV works, but I obtain only stereo output on the AV receiver.

If I change the setup to “pass trough digital” the AV receiver recognize correctly the dolby signal, but the sound on TV don’t works. The same problem with the remaining options.

How can I obtain normal sound on TV and dolby sound on AV receiver together?

I thing that the previous firmware works in this way.

I contact the WD Europe support and they suggest the to tray the downgrade of the firmware or to pot my problem here.

I hope to receive a solution or a suggestion to post this specification on the Ideas Lab forum.


Hi, i have exactly the same problem. Very interested in a solution

The Hub will output the same audio via both Optical and HDMI, since both are digital connections.

You are likely getting no sound from the TV because the TV can’t decode surround sound from external sources.

There is currently no option on the Hub to chop and change whether one digital connection sends Stereo whilst the other sends the original Digital stream.

If you want the Hub to output audio in Stereo for your TV, you need to select Stereo output.

If you want to listen to Surround audio via Optical, then you already know to select the Digital output.

My experience with audio coming from both TV and AVR is that there’s a slight echo.  I always end up muting the TV.

However, it shouldn’t be beyond the firmware team to add more diverse options to the Audio menu.  Try making a thread in the Ideas forum requesting this.

Thank you for answer, but I’m not sure about the fact that TV can’t decode dolby sorrund. For example in the other HDMI input I have SKY HD box decoder and, when I receive an HD transmission with Dolby digital sound, the TV play it correctly. Another example, with my previous media player (medley HMR-500) and the same configuration of connection, the TV work correctly. Also, with the previous firmware of WD TV live hub, I remember there wasn’t any problem about. I remain surprised if a high an level brand like WD don’t have function as product of minor brand. I hope in a new solution. P.S. There is no echo problem with SKY box and also with previous media player. Thanks. Maurizio

Anyone can test the same problem?



Why would you want simultaneous sound from the TV and your amplifier? As was said, the timings are usually slightly off causing an echo delay and if you have a properly configured surround system, why would you want to add the crappy sound of the tiny TV speakers to it? The TVs that I’ve seen that can decode mutli-channel sound do so by converting it to stereo since most TVs only have two speakers built-in. It’s done for convenience, not fidelity. If a TV can do this it will have the various logos imprinted on it (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.)