Audio continues after stopping playback

I’ve upgraded to 2.07.17 and ever since if I stop a film the audio continues and the only way to get the unit to respond is to power cycle. Also sometimes I’ll press play and i’ll just get a constant spinning wheel and again have to power cycle.

I’ve tried doing a factory reset  and downgrading the firmware but it still does the same thing.

Any ideas as I’m getting fed up with this thing now


If you’re playing from the local HD, try unplugging the network cable.  See if that fixes it.

Of course, that shouldn’t be considered a “Fix,” just a data point to see if you’re having an issue others are reporting.

I’ve just watched a movie and stopped/started a few times with the network cable unplugged and it seems to be ok…for the moment.

Can anyone help with this? I’m getting fed up with this box now. Everytime I want to watch something i Have to unplug the power and plug it back in again. I’ve now that the unit goes to sleep (the light on the front goes off) and upon resume will not respond to any requests to play a video.

I’ve reported the same issue via twitter.  was then transferred to web support and given a couple things to try but friday they told me they are "are forwarding this issue to a product
specialist to be researched further. We will contact you next week once we hear
back from them. "