Audio and video problem with mkv movie


thx in advance for your support.

I have a big problem with my device i’m very disappointed and i’m very nervous.

sorry if I go soon into the core of the problem but my english is not so good :

  • my WD TV live is connected by usb cable to an HD (also it is a wd and it is 750Mb big)

the 50% of time that i want play MKV video.

the movie start with big delay (10 second) .

the audio is absent and the video is going jerky…to avoid this problem i have to reward for 2 or 3 second and then push play.

It is very stressing because i have to do it a lot of time during the movie.

I resetted (hardaware and software) the device more then one time.

I formatted the HD but the problem is still present in all MKV video files.

The movies are  normal mkv (1080p) they are not so big file (4,5 Gb more o less)

The last thinks…the WD TV LIVE  is connected by HDMI CABLE.

please help me before i destroy my device.


Ok, one question.

You say that 50% of the time, MKV files do not play correctly.

Is it always the SAME files that fail?   If so, have you tried to defragment your drive?

If that doesn’t help, let’s try to figure out what’s different between files that WORK and files that do NOT work.

Here’s to help with what Tony’s getting at – post a MediaInfo on one of the files that doesn’t play for you (this is freeware that shows us all the “stuff” about a file).

Odds are that simply running it through MKVMerge 4.0 will fix things but let’s take a look.