Hey guys, well I’m happy to report that we can now get the OSD (Mochi theme) for the most recent FW (3.05.10) and it can found in the GPL.

However, to save you some time I have took the liberty to download the GPL, rezip just the OSD and upload it so that you can download just it, since it is about 34MB as opposed ot 751MB of the GPL.

You can download it from here:

If you download this though, please make sure to click the KUDOS button to say thanks for saving you about 30 to 40 min. of downloading & extracting from the GPL.



Many Thanks

thanks :wink:

Thanks TW!


Any chance you could upload the BBC i Player xml code as i am particularly interested in this code as there appears to be something different in the scripts?

PM would be great.


All the xml data available is in the OSD download.

There are several services which you can not make changes to, Netflix & I beleive WatchMojo are 2 of them and BBC IPlayer maybe another.  These services run more like apps and are not part of the theme data because they are controled internally in the firmware.

thanx TW :smiley:


Hey guys and girls 

Is this what i need to get started to try theming the smp ? 

I have so no idea of what im doing 

The OSD for the SMP is here:

But they should contain the same info.  And yes, this is what you’ll need to develop a theme.  If you don’t know what you are doing, you can start at these threads:

Thank you 

     Can you tell me how i install ths ths or where to put it , once i download it . Thanks !!


if you running Firmware 3.05.10 on the WDTV Live Hub … then you are alreading running this OSD (Default:Mochi)

(The download is for people who want to modify it.  Then you upload the modified theme to your Hub. Path is .wd_tv\theme)

did anybody notice for a long time now the icons for repeat one is blank! how many other icons are also blanks? this includes the latest mojo theme as well.

I was trying to replace the White “Daily Motion” Icon with an Alternate one (for Alaska them)… but it refused to display…


This is Mine that wouldnt display…

Discovered the Problem…  someone at WD doesent have “Spell Check”


changed it to …  services_icon_dailymotion.png 

and it worked fine.

Yep, there are quiet a few spelling mistakes with in the OSD, not to mention leaving things out like the DVD navigation images.:cry: