Attempting to Recover Data

I have a WD Scorpio Blue external 500GB hard drive (WD5000BEVT) that I bought back in 2010. I’ve had no problems with my hard drive until the plug that my USB connects to, broke off from the SATA to USB adapter inside the enclosure. Therefore, I had to remove the hard drive from the enclosure, and I removed the adapter from the hard drive.

I bought this Thermaltake SATA to USB adapter to connect to my hard drive, and when I powered it up, I received the sound from my computer that a new connection was made. However, my hard drive doesn’t appear in the file explorer. When I look into Disk management, I see a “removable” connection, but it says “No Media”. When I go to Device manager, and look under “disk drives”, I see a device, “ASMT 2105 USB device”, but not my hard drive.

I have plugged my hard drive in several USB ports on two different computers, and get the same result. I am certain that my hard drive is still in good condition, so I doubt if my data is lost. Is there something I can do to recover the data from this hard drive without needing to rely on a data recovery service? Please help.

Google “Data Recovery Software” … most a payware with with free trial (to see if it can recover the data before paying to unlock the full version)

Be aware though, when attempting data recovery … you will need to recover the data to a different hard drive, if attempting to recover everything off a 500GB hard drive, then you’ll need a 2nd 500GB hard drive to recover the data to.