Attempting to eject My Passport HD causes laptop to reboot

I’ve switched the “My Passport” to another USB port and same thing,…Reboot! My WD My Passport Ultra ejects without a problem. I’m scratching my head on this one. Any ideas are appreciated.

Whoa, that’s weird. Windows laptop or Mac laptop (or something else)? Does it simply die and reboot (probably a system fault), or does it actually show it shutting down for a reboot (graceful)?

Using Sony Vaio Laptop, Windows 10. When I click to eject, a quick notice come on the monitor that says " an error has occurred …" couldn’t read it all. It then reboots.The Passport works on other computers. For now I disconnect the drive after powering down. Go figure.

Wow, @jim_wallace, that sounds pretty bad. A few thoughts I have on this:

  • There is probably something in your Windows system logs showing the crash. They might be overwhelming to review, though. Right-click Start and choose Event Viewer, then look under Windows Logs > System. If you look for the approximate time you crashed Windows, you might find an Error or similar bad message that shows what happened.
  • Does it crash if you just pull the drive from the USB port without ejecting it first? Unless you’re actively using it, it shouldn’t hurt what’s on the drive to pull it.
  • Try going into Device Manager (right-click Start or use Win+X, choose Device Manager) and find the drive under Disk Drives. Make sure you are looking at the external drive, and try right-click Uninstall it. If this doesn’t crash, try unplugging it and then test it again. Maybe it’ll get a new driver.
  • Check with Vaio’s support that you have the most recent USB drivers. It’s possible you need to update your USB drivers.
  • Since it’s only happening on your Vaio, is it still under warranty? I wonder if their tech support could help.