Attaching mybook live to raspberry pi no wifi

Hi I have a paspberry pi running raspbmc and have lots of movies on my mybook live , unfortunately I have just moved so have no Internet at moment so how can I access my files on the pi by plugging it into the rj45 slot on the pi .?

Hello, you need to check if the raspberry pi support a NAS device connected directly to the Ethernet port, if not you might need to have them both connected to a router, also check if the XBMC supports accessing network shared folders or media servers natively, I would start with the Raspbmc help file. 

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if you still have the router set it up as you did before. The local area network is still avalible the only thing thats down is the internet.

It has nothing to do with Rasberry PI…

Network 101

All network devices, in order to talk to each other, need an IP. NAS usually just like laptops/desktops/tablets, are set to get a DHCP address.

Routers at home networks (LAN), are usually the DHCP server as well. Hence the need to connect devices to it.

So now, in order to set two devices to talk to each other one of the following needs to happen:

  • One of them set to a DHCP server

  • Static IPs on both devices

So as long as you find a way to set static IPs on both, I do not see why it wouldn’t work. You would then access MBL via its IP.

But as TheAgustin said, hook it all up as you had it before, Internet connection has nothing to do with the LAN.