Attached USB Drives Becoming Inaccessable

I too, have been having issues with an external drive “disappearing” from the network, as well as it screwing up the MYCLOUD device itself.

Yesterday, while talking with a WD Tech, we decided to try something.  SO far, about 36 hours later, things are still running fine, so maybe this “solution” could help some of you, although I don’t particularly like it.

Go into the MYCLOUD Dashboard, select Settings and come down to “Energy Saver.”  The default is “ON”.  Change it to “OFF”.  Now, install your USB drive.  Like I said, this may be premature, but it has been about 36 hours now, and all is well.

My External is a Hitachi XL-2000 2TB.  ABout 3 years old.  Hitachi says there si no way to keep the drive from sleeping.  I am not sure if changing the MYCLOUD setting to off forces the unit to send a wak-up signal at regular intervals, but I just finished a 19+ hour backup to the external drive, and all worked well!

Here is hoping it continues to work, and that this helps someone else out there!


Hi tommcelvy,

Thanks for sharing.

Any updates?

Nothing new; my device is still working perfectly other than the Port 80 issue, which is Cox Communications problem - they block that port on residential accounts.  They are real morons, but they are the best thing out there right now in my market.  This forces me into relay mode on the unit.

Network speed seems slow, about 5MBps on a 100MBps network, but its working - I’ll take it for now.

I check my drive this morning, it has now been running perfectly since Tuesday, so almost 72hrs; the longest it has run of late.  Automated back-up with SmartSyncPro are working perfectly (best **bleep** backup/sync software ever!) and access via the internet on my iPhone and iPad are working great. 

So it looks like the issue is resolved FOR NOW by turing the SLEEP MODE in the MyCloud device to OFF.  We hould not have to do this, but I guess WD still has some things to work out.  My external drive is a Hitachi XL-2000, for the record (again!)



OK, I took the high road on this one.  I purchased a 2TB My Passport Slim USB 3.0 portable drive.  All seems to be right with the universe now, so I am going to flag mine as resolved.

Will try this one. In a way it actually makes sense. Kinda. But lets see.