At My Wits End with WD

Long story and a ranting vent … sorry.

I’ve been a happy customer with WD for many many years.
I currently have an EX2 Ultra NAS and an andriod Samsung S20 Ultra phone that used to sync video and images flawlessly.
Alas since March this has not been the case.
Video no longer backs up at all. Images sometimes back up and sometimes not. The OS5 android app just sits spinning " syncing" for days if left running. But theres no network activity either on cellular or wifi between the phone and NAS… Nothing is being transferred between them.
I’ve ran all diagnostics… both discs in raid 1 set up are apparently healthy.
But as my 4tb drives are around 8 years old i thought maybe they were actually suffering and possibly failing so i purchased 2 x 12TB WD Red Plus drives brand new . I installed them yesterday and began the process of individually backing up folders of images and video.
And guess what … same issues. Video not getting backed up and the “syncing” issues start again. It’ll be uploading images then just stop at a random number remaining and go no further. Left it overnight and it was still sitting at the same “remaining” number this morning.
So either the Andriod App is broken or my NAS is which is still under warranty thankfully.
Where do i go from here ?? I need my images , video , music and documents backed up. Do i ditch WD for Synology or Asustor and stick my shiny new 12TB drives in there instead.
I do have a case open with WD and have supplied phone and NAS logs multiple times and been given the standard auto replies about giving them a few days to reply but its been weeks now and nothing. Not a word.

WD NAS and My OS 5 android used to be fantastic. Now since some kind of update in March or before and maybe even due to the hacking nothing works correctly. … tired of it now.

Anyone got any ideas or suggest any alternatives in software for backing up my Samsung S20 Ultra or alternatives to WD full stop.
Thanks for reading.

Its the app. I installed a different app and syncing is not a problem. Its called xplore. When WD fixes their stupid app go back to it :rofl:

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Thank you. Ill go check out xplore. Is it on Google Play ?

Yes its on there. Ill see if i can find the link…

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This app does everything you need and then some

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I may have stumbled upon a solution for this issue.
I rolled back the app to version 4.20.1 (2017) and as if by magic its synced all my photos and uploaded all the missing videos.
So they’ve broken something from version 4.20.1 (2017) and version 4.22.0 (2040)

So if youre struggling with this like i was search for the apk version 4.20.1 (2017) …once installed do not allow it to auto update or it breaks it again.