Asus AiCloud app access restriction


I have two WD My Cloud units, one is new Gen, with firmware V2.xx, another is the older Gen with firmware V4.xx.

I use the WD App to access my media on the new gen WD without issue.

I have a similar folder and permissions structure on the new WD device.

I can access these devices fine with the PC or the WD app, my point in fixing this is to have more than one app to stream data with.

I’m trying to use the Asus AICloud app on my android device through my Asus router to view my media but it’s giving me an access error on the new WD device.

I can use the Asus app to view the media on my old WD device without a problem.

It first shows the shared folder structure, then to enter the folders I have to connect with credentials, once I give those, it allows me to browse and stream data (i.e. music).

On the newer gen WD, it spits out an error without displaying any contents: Failed to get the file list from the router. Connection Failed (HttpException 451).

I’m not using HTTPS authentication, still on HTTP on the Asus Router.

I realize this may not be a WD issue, but I’m curious if any of you can think of what could be the permissions problem.

Is there a log on the WD device I could view that may give any clues?


The AICloud app quit working for me a few years ago, so just find other apps that work.

Yes the AiCloud app is hit or miss. Works erratically for me to allow remote access to a first gen My Cloud and the local network. What I do instead is enable OpenVPN within the Asus router then use an OpenVPN client (with a key generated by the Asus router) on my mobile device (or PC) to gain remote access to the My Cloud.