Assigning permanent IP address?

Hey guys, I’ve enjoyed having my cloud server, however I come across a couple issues.  For one thing, when I try to access my Dashboard in IE or Firefox, the main menu windows for basic settings don’t appear.  Works in Chrome though.  Go figure.  I’ve installed the latest Java and all that jazz, still nothing.  What’s especially odd is if I run the install software again, it initially works fine in stuff like IE.  Then it goes back to not working the next time I access it.  Little irritating so thought I’d pick your brains on what could be causing it.  I want to say I tried accessing the dashboard on my Mac as well and it worked with Safari.

As for my main point to this post, the other big issue I’m finding is whenever my router gets reset, power outage or whatever.  Every time this happens, new IP addresses are assigned to devices and as such the cloud server bounces around IP numbers.  Not good when your links on the desktop point to a specific IP.  My mobile devices also lose connection when this happens and I have to reintroduce them if you will.  Any suggestions on what I could do to make sure a specific IP address is always assigned to the could server?  I saw something on the dashboard about setting it to Static but frankly I’m not sure on the settings.  There’s a spot to put in an IP but then it also asks for Gateway and… some other setting below that which I just wasn’t sure what was suppose to go there.  And I didn’t just try something because knowing my luck I’d lose access to my server and then really be up a creek.  Anyone got any suggestions?

Check your router configuration first.   Most routers have the capability of assigning specific IP addresses to devices based on their “MAC” address.  

So even though your cloud is set to get its IP address automatically, it’ll get the same one every time.