[ask] WD My Book Essential hardisk swap


I have an WD My Book Essential 1Tb. and i opened the case and take the WD 1Tb Green from it and use it for internal drive

( the data on it can’t be read on computer running Win XP … it says RAW… i have to re partitioned the hard drive, before i re-partitioned the hard drive i try to read the hard drive on the usb via my WD My Book Essential and all the data is there… so i think the WD My Book Essential have a different partition tipe or so… :pt1cable: )

the problem is when i try to replace the original Hard drive that how to make my old 640Gb or 750Gb WD Green can be read from my WD My Book Essential case ?

it look likes the drive doesn’t work on it… even i try to put the 1Tb back into the case… its wont work :cry:

So anyone please do u have any idea what to do, its sure the WD My Book Essential is out of warranty

I would first back up any data on the drive. Place it into the computer and write zero’s to the drive. Than try reformatting the drive and seeing if it is recognized. If it isn’t please let us know a few more specifics about your setup. How old is your motherboard? Have you updated it’s BIOS? Have you tried using a different SATA cable?