As Confused As A Termite In A YoYo WD TV Live Plus

I recently purcased a new WD TV Live Plus.

My desire was to get an adapter for my router and play away with Neflix.

Well, i got an adapter plugged everything up and the WD TV Live Plus will not recognize my  wireless. I took the adapter back because I’m pretty sure it’s not compatible.

I have a Linksys WRT54G V8 router. 

I do not see it listed in the knowledgebase. Or, if it’s there, my head is spinning so that I may have

overlooked it. I’m pretty much drunk on confusion at this point.

My question/s:

Will the WRT54G V8 work and if so, what adapter/s will comply? Or, will I have to purchase a new router and compatible adapter for this product to work?

Should I update the firmware for the router?

Should I update the firmware for the WD TV?  This appears to be a frightening task. e.g., “if the power fails during update, drop your WD TV Live Plus off at the nearest recyle bin.”   I’m thinking, “this is a bit drastic.” Sort of like putting your hand in the blender with the button on. I have read a good bit of your forum but have not found my specific question addressed.

Of course, I’m an old fart and could have missed it. At times I feel like my proctologist. Lots of searching, little reward. The last time he took a look, I did request that he confirm with my wife  that my head was not up there. He said the tests were inconclusive. Thanks doc!  :dizzy_face:

I would appreciate any help, tips, drugs you guys and gals might suggest to help me get this product up and running.

I remain,

Older Than Dirt

You do need an approved adaptor or one with a chipset that the WDTV firmware supports.

Approved list.

Don’t worry too much about the router at the moment. The biggest problem is getting an adaptor with the correct revision/version. The manufacturers of the adaptors do like to change the chipset without changing the model number.

thanks for the response. I’ll pick one and run with it.

Have a great evening.