Art Cover Dimensions

Does any one know the exact dimensions for the cover art for videos that’s displayed on the top, the larger picture? Cause i noticed when changing some art around the pictue on the bottom seemed fine but the picture above seemed to be blown up and cutting out parts of the cover art, so im guessing the sizing is off.

from legacy theme

so i guess its 176 X 261

Just tried it out, perfect thanks 

I took a peek at the dimensions of cover art I got on my WD TV Live Hub yesterday. I got all images by using “options\get content info”.

ALL images have a width of 185 pixels.

The height varies from 242 to 295, but the majority is 278 pixels high.

I will therefore NOT use the 176 x 261 format  in the theme I’m developing, as it will shrink ALL images, decreasing picture quality. To be on the safe side I will take 300 pixels as design height.

I use w=“185” h=“300” scale=“100” scale_ratio=“fixratio” to show the video cover art full size.

Use align the way you want. I prefer align=“vcenter” to put them in the middle.

yes it will shrink the image…

to obtain this,

i’ve used

After having to resize some thumbnails that I created using Thumbgen in DVD case sheets I found the largest that I could use was 185X268.

Art cover images larger than 185 x 268 do show, it all depends on your theme.

In the original Mochi theme, larger art cover images may not be that useful, but shown well on the screen.

Newer themes may take advantage of larger images, and can use more screen real estate to show them.

As the majority of the images I got from “Get Content Info” are 185 x 278, I chose that size for my current theme design.