Argh deleting a thumbnail in Photos deletes the video it came from

I moved some videos to the MCH and later saw that it seemed to have auto-generated thumbnails and put them in the Photos section in the browser interface.

A handy feature but since I didn’t need these in the list, I deleted them, thinking that the ‘All/Photos/Videos’ filtering under the main heading of ‘Photos’ was away to differentiate between photos taken and images generated, not discovering until later that it was in fact the videos that had sailed off into the beyond, not just thumbnails in an index.

Is there any way to mark a folder to stop it being processed and/or added to the Photos list? Or do I just have to be thankful for a lucky escape as these were pre-processing and I still had the originals?

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There is absolutely no control over this. Any photo/image found anywhere on the box is listed under photos. What a disappointment this is. I have folders with things like software and the images associated with that software show up under photos. lol

You think WD would allow us to tell the box what folders to scan for images.

Something simple like the existence of a ‘noindex’ file would be easy enough to implement and avoid the system having to maintain a list anywhere.
It could even be shown in bright red on the web interface.

On the other half of the gripe, the section should definitely be renamed ‘Photos/Videos’ to clarify that it is a fully combined view of the files and not simply a thumbnail index.

Weirdly it seems the world-writable Public folder might be safer!

I agree. It’s crazy that every image/photo on the entire box shows up in photos and like you say, When you delete it out of photos you are actually deleting the source file where ever it may be.(no warning)

absolutely agree. All the pictures are scanned. The folder exclusion feature is in great need.

I remembered why I had been thinking of a ‘.noindex’ file (finding a script ancient enough to have been copied from a cave painting) and even then it wasn’t new, to mark data for exclusion or inclusion and it’s used in Android with ‘.nomedia’ (which I did try anyway).

And now I see a file timestamp is changed when I rename it? WTF???

Looks like I’ll be adding the Entware bits after all.