Are there major security concerns with the feature pack?

Proud new owner of a MBL 3TB.  Love it.  No problems at all (so far!).

I have installed the feature pack (Transmission, WebServer/AccessBook, No-IP(next up)).  Everything is working just fine but, as a non-technical, networking security ignorant consumer, I want to ask those who are more saavy if using the feature pack significantly increases security risks over the standard install?  I have everything protected with unique, strong passwords.

Thanks for any info & hopefully it’s OK to ask such a question in this forum.


WD doesn’t have “Feature Packs.”  Not sure what you’re talking about.

If you’re talking about some third-party add-ons, I guess it’d be better to ask the author of those add-ons.

OK.  The feature packs have been discussed in this forum so I thought it would be ok to ask.  They are by a 3rd party so I’ll reach out elsewhere.