Are there any limitations about file system type?


I received my My Passport Wireless which is in ExFat file format. As I only use it on my Mac, are there any limitations if I reformat it in HFS ? I mean will SD card writing is limited to ExFat, or Cloud Access from smartphone, or… other known limitations ?


The My Passport Wireless’s internal HDD can be reformatted to HFS. Everything should work just fine (SD Card, Streaming, Network Shares, etc). ExFAT was selected because of it’s compatilbty with both Windows 7/8 and OS-X. For Windows Users, it can also be reformatted to NTFS also. It supports FAT32, ExFAT, HFS, and NTFS. 


I have had a MPW for a few months now, and it is still formatted ExFAT, and it works fine on Windows, and if I ever needed to connect it to a Mac or Linux machine, I would have no problem.  I will keep mine in ExFAT format until it proves not to be OK.