Are there any happy stories about WDTV and networking/NAS?

Do someone have a good working and reliable system that works with wdtv connected with network/NAS? Cabled or wireless.

Where thumbnails, ff, rewind etc actually work? There are so many problems, and so few or even no stories of a well function system.

I’ve had a good experience.

First the bad:

I had it delivered to work. Tried setting it up in work, managed to get past the password entry for network shares but could never see any media being shared from my windows 7 laptop. Was quite dissapointed, expected to go home and spend hours setting it up on my two computers and my little NAS box.

Now the good:

Got home, plugged it in and it just worked. I have two desktops running XP pro SP3 and a small NAS box. I have already in the past set up filesharing with my windows7 laptop, leats restrictive permissions. And it just saw everything. For my XP desktops I don’t even need a username/password, just leave the anon the WD box puts in and scroll down to OK.

( Feature request - Please if the WD Live box has connected to a share before please try old username and password, before asking to avoid this step )

The NAS box is some small linux based off the shelf thing ( don’t remember make, but can post here later when I get home if you like ) that did need the correct password but once I put that in it was fine.

I am using WD TV Live 3.9 I think, the one before 4.1, because I saw so many people saying 4.1 breaks it. I have not used any other version so I can’t compare.

I can turn WD TV Live box on and off easily, and browse every time, with no loss of media on shares. Router is a second hand sonicwall TZ170 firewall I got off ebay - this is doing DHCP with static reservations.

Picture quality is amazing :slight_smile: No artefacts. Only have a 720p TV but it looks very nice to me.

No stuttering, blockyness, no netowrk problems. Using a wire not wireless.

Very happy :slight_smile:

well, as a brand new owner of the WDTV  Live+, I am very happy!

I read lot’s of the posts on this forum, while I was waiting for the unit to

show up, and i was prepared.

i had a few minor glitchs with file organization, but I couldn’t be happier.

I love this thing!

playind mp3, vob, .ts, and pictures all work great.

Just my two cents.

Other than the known “thumbnail files showing up along with the video files” bug, I’ve had no issues with my networking once I set it up.

Win7 PC  –  cat5 – ancient WRT54GL router – cat5 – WDTV Live

I have no stuttering of files, and FF/REV (and the 10-minute hops) and chaptering in .mkv all work identical whether reading an external drive attached to the PC or whether I connect the drive directly to the WDTV (well, it also works identically when accessing media off internal drives on the PC).

I had set it up without password-protected sharing, and sharing files with “everyone”, but I’ve since changed over to password-protected sharing, and sharing files with the WDTVLive user I created.  Entered the new credentials once, and “Auto Login to network shares” has always worked for me.  I just select the PC, and the shared files are there.  None of the “no media in this folder” nonsense that plagues others.  The files that I’ve set to share with the WDTVLive user account work perfectly when the WDTV auto-logs in as the WDTVLive user.

Im happy… Just need to rollback firmware and all will bw well again

Mine is working fine once I downgraded to 1.03.49 firmware. However, like a lot of others, I had many problems with 1.04.10.

tinuadmin, you have to remember that the people most likely to post messages are the ones with problems. When things are working OK, people have no reason to come here and start a thread.

Do whatever is possible to wire this thing (avoid wireless) and it will probably run quite efficiently for you.

I struggled initially using a Netgear WN111v2 adapter. It essentially worked but my Windows XP shares would disappear sometimes for no apparent reason. As soon as I changed it to wired this problem went away.

The only conclusion you can draw from that is it wasn’t the PC’s fault - it was the WDTV’s handling of wireless.

As you can see from my sig, I’ve got all of the Live units.  I connect using a Belkin F5D8051 wireless N adapter.

  • Had some infrequent (but frustrating) networking issues with the original Live and my Vista network (Vista x64 PC with network shares plus my wife’s Vista x64 laptop, no shares other than Public).  
  • Ran into Master Browser issues whenever my wife used her laptop.  
  • Edited her registry to prevent it stealing Master Browser away from my network share PC.  
  • Made sure the PC is always on before the Live.
  • Problem solved.

Live Plus simply dropped in to my network and worked great, probably thanks to the steps taken above.

Live Hub, again, simply dropped into my network and worked.  I got a MyBookLive 1TB NAS around the same time to facilitate backups (everything is triple backed up: Hub 1TB, NAS 1TB, PC 1TB).  

The NAS is easily found on the network and accessed via network share or media server (Twonky).

Overall, my experience with the Live units has been mostly positive.

Aside from a handful of 1080p test files, all my media is either DVD rips encoded to MKV or 720p MKVs.  They play fine wirelessly from network shares.  The 1080p files will stream fine when using media server, although via network share they’ll stutter.  Mostly I play everything from the Hub’s internal drive now, which works great.

The Live range is not perfect but they seem to be among the better options available, as long as your network is set up reasonably well.  

That’s my experience, anyway.  :)

My WD TV Live works fine with an HP WHS box on a wired network. I did nothing in terms of set up. All I have is single folder full of mostly MP4 movie files (I own the DVDs). Nothing fancy. I use none of the media sorting features. I just scroll through a long list and hit play.

ican tell you i have no problems cornecting 2 network and has streamed every  file fomat i,ve though at it great buy

Most problems seem to be related to how “advanced” setup (architecture)  you have, e.g how many units and which units you want to connect to eachother etc. Would probably say you’ll have to spend _some_ time configuring your setup. All that I can accept.

One thing I can _not_ accept is the “nondeterministic” behaviour, mostly related to networking. I can accept “it works” or “it does not work”, but not “it works _sometimes_”! Quite annoying.