Are support programs (as Acronis) working with Windows 8?

According the download page the available version of Acronis is limited to Windows 7.

Is the existing program working with Windows 8 ?

Is it planned to have soon an official Windows 8 version ?

It also works with Windows 8.

I don’t know if it works on Windows 8 it’s based on Acronis TI 2009 so there could be issues with it.


To Alucardx23 and Joe_s

Please reach an agreement between your contradicting posts. Yes + No has no use for me…

Does it works or not with Windows 8 ?

Do you know if we’ll have a new version soon ?

It didn’t work on all versions of Windows 7. I couldn’t get the boot disk to work on my sister’s Window 7 laptop. You’ll have to try it and see if it works, Paragon, EaseUS and Macrium all have free versions to try. This is just a users forum not customer service.