Are network aliases or direct IP addressing possible?

I need help from the experienced people here. We have just added a WDTV Live Hub to our network and are having teething problems. I didn’t research enough to find it wasn’t as configuable (cfw wise) as the previous WBTV Live.

My family has a large (still expanding) TV and Movie collection spread across 6 volumes on 3 NAS drives. With each volume having in excess of 2500 files the WDTV Live Hub UI is pretty useless to traverse. Is it possible to emulate the WDTV Live ‘net.mounts’ function of B-RAD C cfw, or assing direct IP aliases?

I don’t want to upset the existing ‘apple cart’ as the system works fine on 2 x WDTV Lives, an XBOX running XBMC, PS3 running Showtime, a Laptop running XBMC and a dedicated HTPC just using local shares with VLC and Media Player Classic!

The following is the simple selection presented on the WDTV Live.

> Power on -> Video (default) -> Local Drive -> Folders -> (Volume)

The list selection then shows the volume aliases:
1. Favourite & New TV
2. Misc & AU
3. Kids TV
4. Crime TV
5. TV Store
6. Movies

#achieved with xmount shortcuts
xmount “//” “1. Favourite & New TV” cifs
xmount “//” “2. Misc & AU” cifs
xmount “//” “3. Kids TV” cifs
xmount “//” “4. Crime TV” cifs
xmount “//” “5. TV Store” cifs
xmount “//” “6. Movies” cifs

One dilemna is that the 2xDNS-323 NAS drives are simply defined as ‘TV1-Volume_1’ & ‘TV1-Volume_2’ & then ‘TV2-Volume_1’ & ‘TV2-Volume_2’ which is quite confusing.

With the WDTV Live Hub I could not get favorites to work at all, and the media library rebuilt takes forever to re-sync, which is a pain when you’re adding things to the huge library daily, so it’s now OFF! (unless someone advises how to get it to work).

The WDTV Live Hub selection is only an extra two clicks, but without aliases it’s not nearly as friendly. Also I’d reckon 50% of the time I get a ‘no content error’, so back to the start. (This would annoy the Sh!*# out of me if I was a noob, but I know the network is seeking each time instead of having direct IP lookups!)

The following direct selection (each volume) is required on the WDTV Live Hub:

>Power on -> Video -> [RED] Select Source -> Network Shares -> TV1 -> Volume 1.

Any help or advise would be appreciated. Currently the kids stick with the older simple devices and methods and aren’t using the new toy :wink:


I think you are going to be out of luck.

The net mounts is only as you say used by cfw, I have to say though, I find sharing with this to be fine, I still see the same share folders as I saw them without the xmount, its also one less hastle, the NFS Hanewin server was always crashing on me, so I don’t miss it at all.

As far as clicking through folders, I think you will be stuck, if anything the last firmware added another level to click through, so its getting worse not better.

Also switching off the library is never a good thing, you wont see the files once you get in there, and with the amount of files you have, its always going to take a while to scan that amount of files.