Are Netflix and Vudu 24hz native?

When I turn on my WDTV Live SMB before I turn on my tv, it changes from 1080p 24hz to 1080i 60hz. I would like for it to stay on 1080p 24hz. Any ideas?

I tested the auto - Match Frame-rate feature, but netflix and vudu still output at 1080p/60 hz. I could force 1080p 24 by selecting that as the output, and netflix ran at 1080p 24. But is Netlix native 1080p 24? or does forcing it convert it from whatever it is natively down to 1080p24?

I even tried the following “movie”…0?trkid=438403

which is 100% a 24fps movie and the “Match Frame-rate” still output this “movie” at 1080p/60

From what I know, only some Netflix content is encoded in 24 FPS, so even if you could force your player to output at 24 Hz, a lot of movies (the ones encoded at 60 FPS) would look awful. I don’t think there is yet a player in the market that can identify the FPS and then adjust your display accordingly. Not even the PS3 and 360 clients can do this, and they’re probably the most versatile ones out there. There are, however, some Blu-ray players that you can force to output at 24 Hz when playing Netflix content.