Are modified files and new files being backed up?

I have backed up the data successfully unplugged the Disk. Worked a few days modified filed added new file. I plug in the disk but fail to see if these files are backed up?

I’d like to know this as well. It doesn’t say anywhere on the interface when it was last backed up. However, if you open the passport drive it will tell you the files were last modified on XX date. In my case it was July. I’ve unplugged and plugged it back in many times but the “date modified” hasn’t changed since my initial back up in July. What’s worse is that the “Back Up” tab on the interface is grayed out.

I hate this software. It blows. Does anyone know how to work this software and how to start from scratch? The “User’s Manual” is two pages and is mostly bold graphics telling me how to plug the device in to my computer (thanks a lot). Otherwise I’m just going to buy a new external drive (a better one) and start over.

Keep in mind, if your files haven’t changed since July, they may not all show up as modified recently.  If you do want to start from scratch, I would first make sure you are on the latest version of the software:

Prior to installing this, make sure you have the Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 software installed (link on step 2).

After the update, you can erase the drive by selecting the “Settings” tab within Smartware, clicking setup drive, and then click on drive erase.  After you’re done, start the backup and you are good to go.