Are Individual Folders Needed?

Hello everyone…I love my hub and I 've got everything working the way it should.  My question is, do I “really” need individual folders for each movie in order the background clip art to display and transition properly?    It works right now, but it’s really slow.  Just wondering if the indy folder method is more efficient…

I don’t think it is, but your best bet is to try it both ways and determine your own opinion.

You don’t have to have them in seperate folders for each movie.  But the way that I found that seems to work best, is to have the movies sorted in their own Genre folder.

So that you have an Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, etc. folders.

folder.jpg folder.jpg folder.jpg

This seems to work very well.  

No need for separate folders. But as the previous poster says, if your collection is large then it is worth having some sub folders.

Yeah…I currently have the movies in folders separated my genre.  So all of Comedies,Dramas, etc are in their respective folders.   I did notice my Hub locks up after being asleep so maybe, I will do reset as well to see that clears some things up!

60 seems to be the magic number. I can scroll in gallery view about 60 at a time before the spinning arrow takes 20 seconds or whatever to let me continue.

Do you have any more of those slate board images for other genres you can share (like for horror, documentaries, family, etc.)

how did u get rid of the little blue folder icon over the artwork?