Arabic Subtitle

Dear wdc technical Departement,

please if there is any new firmware to update WD TVLIVE HUB MEDIA PLAYER to make able to run arabic subtitle and arabic will be good and wonderful special for your customers in the middle east.

and WDC can me general code legened that we can know what is the meaning for each letter .

for examble (WD-XXXX-ME-11) that we can know that ME refere to Meiddle east and support most of the language availlable in meiddle east like (english-arabic-french) and last two digit for year production 11 refere to 2011 .

for europe EU (WD-XXXX-EU-11) and support all europe langauges (english-french-italiano,german,spanish…etc)

for asia AS (arabic-english-ordo-farsi-chinIees-japanees-taglog-hindi-russian)

for north america NA, south america SA ,for africa AF,for austrailia AU)

so for each area support it’s language and after that see how your sells in the marcket how it will be increased.

and if you make selection  guide hardcopy to provide it with each product it will make the customers very sure and not confused when they are buying there products .

any how we cannot forget that WDC support us through the last years with very good product with high technology but if wdc help us more for our languages we will be appriciated also .

thanks and regards.

Yes it’s wonderful to me because of my language:  Persian, I’m from iran !