Apt-get upgrade

Is it safe to launch an apt-get upgrade from console?


Please bear in mind the use of SSH (Secure Shell) can potentially harm the hard drive and could result in the drive and the data within it becoming inaccessible or lost.

Censored BY WD —>   [Deleted]
Of course it would be possible for a normal Linux distribution.
But MyCloud is not a normal Linux distribution.
So do not touch until a rootfs.img with a normal Debian Wheezy is available.

Open Console and check it out it with “dpkg --audit”
So you’ll see what WD sells for a LOL Censored BY WD —>  [Deleted] firmware.

This is the correct answer

Well, I use ssh every day because I am a linux admin, not a super super expert but I’am able to install and manage a server. The fault is a custom and incomplete Debian installation on the WD My Cloud

This is sad, totally uncool.

I bricked my WD MyCloud after doing an “apt-get dist-upgrade”…

MyCloud firmware is the ugliest I ever have seen!!!

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