April 10 WDLive Hub crash (just continues to say "Loading"

So earlier this week, I was watching youtube videos and the Hub kept rebooting.  I see this issue was also reported back in 2013.  Now, my Hub wont even boot up.  It stays on the screen with WD and says “Loading” and does nothing else.  The white light also just flashes.  I let this go on for 24 hours before giving up and unplugging the unit.

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If your device has unfortunately crashed and won’t restart then you may need to replace it under warranty. Please visit the following link for additional information:


Download latest firmware an put it on USB stick. Unplugged power cord of Hub and plug only USB stick with firmware (do not plug in any other USB drives). Plug power. See if it jump starts firmware installation.

How can this person have his hub replaced under warranty? - i thought these devices stopped being manufactured years ago?

Warranty starts from the day you bought it, and it can be extended. In case of faulty product, it can be changed for the same or newer version if in the case that model is out of the stock.

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