APPS and APP removal

The standard APPS that come with MY CLOUD PR4100 are a good start for the NAS community. But as security needs change also the ability to remove unneeded apps need to be addressed. For those users and companies using the device that do not want to use 3rd party Clouds outside of their own domain or work-space then those apps that reside on the device should be tailored to the party that owns the device. As such if some one does not want to use Amazon or Elephant or any other app that is installed on their device such as FTP should have the ability to uninstall or install as needed. Request that this be done for all apps that come with the device and to be fixed with a firmware update.


Hi @PatriotChief :smile:

I totally agree.

I know it’s an ageing thread and I’m surprised that no one else has replied. I have a MyCloud PR2100 and I’d also like to see an option for removing any/all app(s) which are not needed/required by the end user(s). I know that most can be disabled (or just not configured) but it would be nice to have an uncongested apps list containing only the apps which I need.


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Its annoying to have apps that we don’t need or use…

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That’s for sure