Application shop

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

Today, I set up my EX4 in RAID5 (with 4 HD of 6T each). But I would like to add an security with a backup in the cloud. So I was looking for an application to do that and I have seen it:

English translation:

Add an application
The applications offer extra functionnalities to your system My Cloud. Please note the details of the application before installing it.
No application available

But I don’t understand. In my memory, there are some application like streaming application or photo gallery application :confused:
Someone can help me please ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

NB: I am not very good un english, so I’m sorry for the mistakes in the message

Well, if you’re talking about the My Cloud Mobile and WD Photos apps, those aren’t apps you install on the EX4 – those are apps you run on your mobile devices. Support for those apps is already part of the base EX4 software.

It was just examples. Indeed, there was a git application that interessting me :stuck_out_tongue:
In fact, I would like an application for crashplan without following the complicated guide for it. I suppose that someone had created an application for that or I’m hoping for nothing ?:’(