Application my passport ultra


unfortenely i erased the applications that are installed in my passport ultra and i can’t find them in the site of WD so i can download it… can you help me?

thank you!

The link below should lead you to the download page for the MyPassport Ultra.

Thank you!!! I have already tried but there are programs that are installed in computer… Basically I was trying to find the passport locker (I don’t know if it is named like this) so I can put. Pass in the hard disk

I’m guessing you mean the WD Unlocker, which normally comes as a virtual CD which appears when the drive is connected to your PC? At least that’s what happens with mine, but presumably yours doesn’t have it or it has been removed somehow?

Looking at older problems/solutions on this forum I found the link below, which may contain the software you need, although it could be an older version:

The only other thing I can think of is to confirm under device manager that the WD SES driver is installed and working properly, as it may well be needed for this kind of operation?

As an alternative, if it helps I can copy the content of the virtual CD on my MyPassport Ultra to a download file and PM you a temporary link to it if the above does not work.