Application blocked error message

Getting “Application blocked by security settings” when attempting to access My Book Live via on Windows 8 machine. Suggestions?

You should check any internet security or firewall in order to make sure the WD 2Go is allowed on the settings.

I have win 8 internet explorer 10.

I have same error message i tried 7.51 java lower security setting no go.

i uninstall java than i install 7.45 i worked as charm.

this is the solution for Application has blocked for security

The message appeared using ie on W7 machine. Using other browsers does not help.  The problem has lasted for months. I did expect the problem to bo solved long time ago, but nobody at WD seems to be responsible for solving this problem.

The problem is related to Java. I have the latest versons of Java on all my machines. I still cannot access the device using any machine using any browser. I cannot firmware upgrade the device in any way. 

Does WD intend to fix this problem? When?

Gettng same probelm.  Try to remote log in and receive application blocked error message.