Application android

je ne sais pas si je suis au bon endroit
j’ai un disque reseau my book live duo

je veux y acceder par internet et je ne trouve pas d’application sur google play
il y a une application pour my cloud home, pour aussi my passport wireless qui ne permettent pas pour le mien.

ou bien il y a une autre façon d’accéder a mes fichiers par internet.

jai bien redirigé les ports , j’accède a l’administration mais pas aux fichiers.

avez vous une astuce a me communiquer.


More below in the WD security notice on why one should not expose the device to the internet.

There is a dedicated subforum for your device where users more familiar may be able to assist:

My Book Live Duo Support Subforum

This subforum (My Cloud) is a completely different device.

It appears WD has ended remote access support for the My Book Live Duo device some time ago. This includes terminating and removing the remote access software (WD 2go and WD Photos mobile apps) and WD web portal ( used to remotely access that device.

WD My Book Live Duo

IMPORTANT NOTICE! WDC-21008 Recommended Security Measures for WD My Book Live and WD My Book Live Duo
Support for this product has ended and is no longer available per WD Product Software Support Status. For assistance Ask the WD Community or reference the online Knowledge Base.

To regain remote access you will likely have to setup your own method of remote access like FTP or VPN. One can configure the My Book Live Duo for FTP access and setting up port forwarding for FTP within your local network router the My Book Live Duo is connected to. Note that FTP is an insecure method of access and in light of the security vulnerabilities present on the My Book Live Duo it could be compromised by remote access. See the support site for your device (link above) where you can find the user manual which has more information on how to enable FTP on that device.

For VPN, see the many DIY guides on the internet for setting up a VPN server and client for remote access to your local network containing the My Book Live Duo. Typically properly setting up and configuring VPN may involve more knowledge and skill(s).

Considering the security vulnerabilities mentioned in the WDC-21008 security measures link above you should not expose the My Book Live Duo to the internet. Doing so may risk your data being compromised or erased. Note the WD warning:

Advisory Summary

Immediately disconnect your My Book Live and My Book Live Duo from the Internet to protect your data from ongoing attacks.

many thanks for your advice