Apple Yosemite

Would like to purchase two My Cloud 2T devices, but seems they won’t work with iOS Yosemite according to forum posts. I don’t find any solutions or definitive responses from WD staff addressing this issue. “Working on it” doesn’t cut it when I am at the decision point of purchase. Plus, I am disappointed that WD cannot supply a time frame for an upgrade to support the numerous iOS users. Am not about to purchase a product knowing I cannot use it. That’s unacceptable business practice on WD part.
If someone knows when or if WD intends to accommodate us, please let me know.

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your device, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product and provided support. We have passed this along to support please check your private messages.

I have Yosemite running on all my macs (3 generations of MacBook Pro). It works fine with MyCloud 4T.

I also have the latest firmware installed.

Well I bought the 2tb my cloud and it doesn’t work… I thought it was going to be very simple to connect but it the otherwise.
I have Yosemite 10.10.3 and it don’t find my cloud (yes he light on my cloud is blue)
No one seemed to know what to do… I was expecting to connect the cables… Setup… And done! It’s much more harder than that!
I’ll have to turn it back… Don’t want an equipment that do not work !

When you say “iOS Yosemite”, I presume you mean OS X Yosemite? 

OK just to check. 

The WD Mycloud is connected to your router? (or Switch) 
You have mapped Mycloud to a fixed IP address? (mine is at , yours will be where you mapped it)
If you type that ip address into your browser (ie do you get the configuration page for the WDmycloud? 

If you use the Go menu on OS X Finder, is the Mycloud listed as a server? 
IF so double ckick on it and after a few seconds the “Shares” will popup (Default will be Public) 

Try the above and if I can help I am happy to do so. :) 


the WD mycloud is connected to the router ( blue light is on)

i don’t know what i need to do to "mapped Mycloud to a fixed IP address? " how do i do that!?

i see 2 IP on the sistem preferences_network one is the router the other one is de IPv4 Adress what is the correct?

if i go to the Go menu on OSX Finder there is nothing there… 

i’m not good with this network things…