Apple TV just got Watch ESPN support How long do we have to wait

I have had WDTV since the beginning and so far I am very impressed with the content but how long will we have to wait to get WATCH ESPN?

Until WD add it, if ever.

It sure would be nice to have that option!  Since there is no way to “airplay” it to the device, it should be added to the next update!  I really hope they work on it soon!

To folks wanting all kinds of streaming media from their WD:  Buy yourself a Roku, too.  I have both a WD and a Roku, for good reason:  they are very different kinds of media players and with the two, I am not lacking any sort of media playing or streaming  WD gives us the basic streaming sources, along with a great media player – if ya want more streaming, get a Roku.

As for an Apple TV, it lacks in many ways to a Roku and a WD player.  It’s made for the Apple Fans out there who think anything Apple is great.  See this recent Consumer Reports article:

I agree, I really dissatisifty apps/clients. WDTV guys need wake up,  WDTV is lacking of apps!!!

You could also say the Apple TV/Roku is great if you want apps.

I have a Smart LG TV/Home cinema, they has apps everywhere but I don’t use them.

I do however love the WD Live Hub for its streaming media capabilities and its stability with Mkv/M2TS/TS files.

You will also find this box is at the end of its life, if it has not got it by now, then it wont.

+1 for Roku. It is a great addition to add streaming channels to your Media Setup.

Another option though, which I use and highly recomend is PlayOn. It’s a windows based server application that streams channels to other media players. You can use it as a DLNA media server for your WD Device, and it provides hundreds of channels of steamed to your TV. There is a lot of great web programmng out there, as well as channels like ABC, Bravo, AMC,TBS etc that stream some of their programming from their websites.  PlayOn can aggregate that for you and feed it to your SMP or HUB. Also gives you access to all the subscription services (you still need a subscription) Netfix, Amazon VOD, Hulu RedBox, Aero etc, so is helpful for the services that WD doesn’t provide as of yet. I don’t see any reason for WD to get into the streaming game and compete with Roku except for the few big subscription services. With DLNA, you can add a media server to your network and your SMP can get all the steaming channels you need. 

Well worth checking out even if you have a Roku (which PlayOn can also stream to). Pricing is pretty cheap and It integrates with your existing WD setup easily. There are other similar options for media servers out there, but PlayOn is the only one I have used and can recomend. 

Adding a media server like PlayOn to your network will amp up your WD unit with a lot more content.

Seems like no one device can take care of all of our needs at this point.


Another great streaming option used on smart phones and tablets is the Twonky Beam app.  It beams streaming media (e.g. YouTube, website content, etc.) to your DLNA device, e.g. Roku, WD, Xbox, etc.