Apple TV AirPlay and turning off WMM QoS

I have an Apple TV and love the AirPlay feature but it has not worked since I replaced my netgear router with a WD N750 router.  I read online that disabling WMM QoS may solve the problem.

I logged into my router settings, went into advanced mode, clicked on the wireless tab, and found a switch to turn WMM QoS on and off for both the 2.5 and the 5 ghz networks.  Unfortunately the switch is not highlighted and I cannot change it from on to off.  Does anyone know how to turn it off?  Any other suggestions for fixing AirPlay?


According to the User’s Manual page # 37:

“WMM QoS is forced to On (grayed out) when the Network mode set includes 802.11n. If you select any mode not including 802.11n, you have the option to turn WMM QoS Off.”

So you’re telling me, there is no way to turn off WMM QoS while also using Wireless N?  This is the least configurable router ever.  Poor product.