Apple Pages files appear as folder with My Cloud

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I did a search and found this topic had been raised but couldn’t see whether there was an answer.

Everything works fine within our office - can access .pages files fine but, when trying to access remotely, they appear as a folder with a number of support files/sub-folders.

Would be good to know how I can access these remotely without having to copy the file locally.

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I have not tried this, do you get any error when yo get to a certain file? Lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

Hi Armak,

Thanks for your reply.

Other file types seem to work fine i(although not checked .numbers).  You can click into the Pages “Folder” which shows something like the image below.   If I’m accessing the same file away from the MyCloud app, it works as normal.



Because pages only work on a MAC. On any other machine it is actually a zip file with all the components that make up the document.

If you want to view the file you need to export the document from a MAC/Ipad etc. to another format  like WORD or PDF

I backed them up but then I copy documents to my icloud drive on my PC  where I can double click and it takes me to  the icloud website for editing I am using a PC of course and an Ipad.

Unfortunately Apple has not made a viewer for Windows yet (naughty).

For this reason I create pages documents but I save in original format and in Windows friendly format as well, just in case.

Thanks, Jamalaya,

The bug in the WD My Cloud app is that is treats the pages file as an archive.  Copy/drag it back to the Apple desktop and it automatically attributes/overrides a .zip extension. 

Like your workarounds but this needs to be sorted.



Hi Mike,

that would be cool if WD can develop a viewer. So far there is no viewer of any kind for any OS except Apple’s as far as I can tell. Typcial of Apple :angry:

It is not just WD, Windows also display them as a zip archive because it too does not have a viewer, and so does Linux.

If WD can do it, they will be first :slight_smile:

You can add the idea of a viewer here

I’ll vote for it.