Apple OS X Server 10.6.4 and ShareSpace - Network Optimisation

Hi There

Maybe someone has a tip for me, how I can further optimize the network performance between my OS X Server and the ShareSpace.

After first connection I had a max transfer rate of 40kb/s. After deactivation of IP6 and delay modification in SMB.conf file, it increases to 400kb/s, which is not what I’m expacting from a Gigabit Network connection.

Is a connect via NFS an alternativ? As AFP is not available on the SS, NFS may is faster?

Thanks for any hints.


PS: OS X Server and Space Share is on latest software versions.


If found a very good guide how to install AFP to the ShareSpace! Now the performance is much better then before. Now the SS is realy usable. :smileyvery-happy:

Where did you find the guide?

I was googling with

“AFP Sharespace OSX” and hit the page of Stefan Sunaert.

If you can’t find, send me a note I will forward it to you…

Anyone know what happened to Stefan Sunaert blog page on this topic or does anyone have a copy? Would love to get AFP working on my Sharespace.

Could you share a copy of the guide here please?

Sorry… I could not post any PDF in the Forum here…

So, if you are interested in, please send me your email via PM, and I will send it to you…



I’m trying to find the guide but the url are down. Do you have some pdf guide to install apf on a sharespace please? In that case, could you send it to my mail direction: Thanks!

Under my SS Network/Services, there is a box to tick off AFP… is this not the same thing?

Hi Exodus

Don’t know, which version do you use of SS ShareSpace… if I look on my network services i only have FTP, Web Access and NFS as possible services to choose…



According to the release notes, AFP/TimeMachine support was introduced in the penultimate firmware update (2.2.8). Seems to work fine. the3rdParty