Ape codec

I have WD TVLIVEHUB 1TB and many files in ape. Cant play them. Any info about this issue… whatever could be usefull

ape is not supported. Here is the link for the supported files:  http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=570#tab3

Ok thank u. I will convert them…

Monkey audio is not rare option today so I think that WD could give us this option. Whatever always there are alternatives. Regard

I would convert to FLAC. Both that and APE being lossless should give you the same sound quality (at least to my ears when I compared the two several years ago when deciding what format to use for my collection).

FLAC has native support on many players that APE does not, and also there are FLAC rippers/converters that let you decide the level of compression for size. Takes longer to compress smaller, but the quality outcome is the same. One note though I have found on my portable player is that the more compression, the more battery drain when playing the music do to the processing needed to decode and play the song.

I am by no means an audio expert in any way, but have found FLAC to work with all of my hardware devices and software for Windows, IOS and Android. I had to be more picky about which apps I had that would play APE, so eventually converted the stuff I did have in it that format to FLAC for easier portability between devices.

“One you go FLAC, and never go back…” :smileyvery-happy: 


It’s very unlikely that WD would support APE since FLAC is the dominant format.

APE doesn’t fare very well in side-by-side comparison: