Anyone got any experience in copy backup to second device

Any experience trying this and a good giude to set them up, teh article on device is unclear which one you set up how?



What article are you reading? Does it apply to the WDMYCLOUD 2nd generation OS5? Have you looked at the User Manual for the device and OS5? Do you use Windows, Apple or other OS?

Online User Guide and Solutions for My Cloud OS 5 (

Western Digital Product Software Downloads (

It would help others answer your question if you can provide more information.
What “article” are you referring to?
What specific My Cloud model do you have?
What firmware version is that My Cloud model running?
Where do you want to backup to? (Cloud storage or a external USB hard drive)

Depending on which My Cloud one has, and which firmware it is running, there are several backup methods available. Which backup method depends on the firmware one is running on the My Cloud. Won’t speak for others but on a single bay My Cloud running OS3 v4.x firmware, ran the included backup feature for a number of years to an attached USB hard drive. Switch over to using a custom rsync script to get better control over how and what is backed up from the My Cloud. Also use software (Free File Sync) on a PC to “backup” the My Cloud to another storage location as well.

Thank you for the reply I guess I idnt explain well, basically what I want to do is buy 2 x [Western Digital 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage - NAS - Western DigitalBVBZ0080JCH-NESN]

One will be in an office with a DHCP address(no chance of static there) this will have data access locally and a couple of people via cloud access. I want to set it to do a backup (copy if only option) to the 2nd one at a different location that will have a static IP address. I woudl use apps SSH backup but the KB article is not very clear on whether both need statics and how you configure the source one as opposed to the destination. Thank You


Did you look at the link I provided for OS5 Online User Guide? You can check out the sub-forum for that device too.

Latest My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage/My Cloud EX Series topics - WD Community

If needed check the Knowledge Base too.

See the Online User Guide and Solutions for My Cloud OS 5 which has a knowledgebase article relevant to your question about backing up to a remote location:

My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups

Just follow the various links, they explain how to setup each of the My Cloud units. From that link:

  • The “Source” (Remote Backup Client) is the My Cloud device that has the data to be backed up

  • The “Destination” (Remote Backup Server) is the My Cloud device that will store the backed up data

For the DESTINATION (remote) EX2 Ultra you would follow the instructions under the section titled: A- Configure the Destination My Cloud (Remote Backup Server) Instructions and if the destination router does not support UPnP one would also follow the instructions under the section titled: B- Configure the Destination Router
(Rrouter Does NOT support UPNP or Network is Double NAT)

For the SOURCE (local) EX2 Ultra you would follow the instructions under the section titled: C- Create a Remote Backup Job on the Source My Cloud (Remote Backup Client)

Thank You I will look through those


The key is understanding the addressing of devices across the internet.

The WAN address of your router is not the same as the LAN address of your NAS.

This is where port forwarding comes into play.
Say your NAS is on
Say your router WAN is on

In the port forwarding section of the settings, there is an “internal port” and an “external port”.
The internal port is the port the NAS is listening to ON YOUR NETWORK. (Say you want 4400)
The external port is the port the NAS is listening to ON THE WAN. (Say you want 873)

If your router is using UPnP; it should pick up these settings. If not. . . you may have to configure the router port forwarding settings manually (as above).

So - - if you have a program within your network that you want to access the NAS; you would point your program to

If you are accessing the NAS from somewhere out on the internet you would use

The other trick here is the WAN address is controlled by your ISP. It may change occassionally. You may have to register with a DDNS service to have a “permanent” connection. The DDNS service can then make a link from a chosen name (Say, “Home” to the Router. [Check this out as a reference](https://Check this out as a reference). Once you do that, you can access your NAS one “home:4400”

We are oversimplifying. You will learn alot about networking doing all of this.